nastasya fillipovna (show_pony) wrote,
nastasya fillipovna



comment and add me. because jimmy carter said so.
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creative! besta keep me added, f00
fo sho dawg!
You should keep me? Yes, indeed.

of course!!
i'm so in love with you site, i'm adding you. :D
hey, this is paige. i'm adding you. and i totally forgot the address thinger that goes on the top of ws ftp pro :/ help me out?
scratch that, i got it
agh i dunno. i haven't used ftp in ages. i'm lame. added you!
ya, i got it so nevermind
ya, i got it so nevermind
ok excellent. btw, is showing up for you? it's not for me.


14 years ago


14 years ago

haha ur friends only sign is cooler than ur mom. lol.

when u add me. since u will. because u r awesome and i luv u dearly and i already added u. u have to im. well u dont have to. i dont want to pressure u into doing sumthin u dont want to do. but u shuhld want to im me. so if u want to. my sn is ducki3dud3

and my name is relly. and ur name isnt. but u know that relly is a hott ass name. lol.
of course i'll add you!
haha thanks. <3