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camping trip

this is not cool. mynparents just announced that the whole family is going camping on Thursay. i hate camping. well, no i don't, but i hate going camping with my family. it's depressing. it takes 5 hours to get to the campground, which is never fun, and then 7 days in mosquito mating land.
And you know what the worst part is? i was in ireland for 3 weeks, boston for a week and two days, and now i'm going to have to spend another week camping. That means that i only got about 2 weeks to do 2 months of summer projects, see my friends, go school shopping, and hang around town.
i can't believe they're doing this to me. the only person i saw this summer was victoria, and that was because my parents had nothing planned for those few hours
but, the good news is that my saddle-creek cursive shirt and hoodie should be here today. SCORE!
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