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i'm am going to have an anurism or something. i cannot go back to school. ever. it's going to suck so badddd. i can already tell. and out of intense panic i wrote a list

1. i am going to have stupid teachers
2. i am going to have major homework
3. i'm actually going to have to do my homework this year
4. i had cool teachers who didn't make us work last year so i'm lazy now
5. the only kid in my class who i know is the kid who is constantly touching himself
6. school sucks in general
7. i have to take the bus home, which is always filled with ghettoesque people, and i can't make fun of them or they will beat me senseless
8. i live in a boring place with boring people

i have to come up with an exscuse of some kind... maybe i'll get mono or something. or get sent to jail...
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