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[18 Jan 2004|08:28pm]
yes, i tried to avoid the underscore, but i just got too tired of looking for a user name. anyway, you can add me, but you don't have to. i understand. i'm a generally boring person.
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back. [02 Oct 2003|07:17pm]
agh yea. my computer crashed and i'm using my friends. i mght have it by monday? don't take me off your friends list. i'm not dead (yet)
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beeep [11 Sep 2003|06:46pm]

in case you don't get it...Collapse )
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back from the ghetto [05 Sep 2003|07:48pm]
[ mood | dumb ]

annnd i'm back. it sucked but that's not the point

school is in 2 days. i'm actually not as suicidal as i thought.

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... [01 Sep 2003|08:44am]
damnit. it's september. but you already knew that, right?
i'll be away for a few days, taking over the world, attacking random citizens, etc.
leave me a note or whatever

oh, and for your enjoyment...
wigga in a box!Collapse )
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haha you lose [31 Aug 2003|09:08pm]
i've decided againstt going friends only because i'm lazy

have a good night.
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how to take over your school (in 4 easy steps) [30 Aug 2003|08:16pm]
[ mood | corrupt ]

in complete school hatred and boredom, i have compiled and easy and slightly affective way to take or your school.

take that AOLCollapse )
ok so it's not that affective. and the drawings are slightly bizarre. but on the whole it has possibilities.

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[30 Aug 2003|07:07pm]
damnit. i have 1 week until school.

sacrifice me now.
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same old music [27 Aug 2003|08:03pm]
[ mood | music deprived ]

i was looking through my old entries and i realized that i didn't have a very wide variety music. anyone know any cool bands/singers that not a lot of people know about?

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[27 Aug 2003|10:57am]
hmm i'm going thrifting this afternoon. i'll try and kidnap my sister's camera and take pictures of the adventure.
tommorow is going to be fun i guess. not really. i have to go to the orthodontist, then to the hairdresser. then my mom wants to take me to H&M so i can spend my gift certificate thing.
but the hairdresser is really cool, actually. i thought the guy , Doug, who did my hair was gay, just because...well i don't know. anyway there was this other hairdresser there and they were talking and stuff, and then i realized they were MARRIED. so uh, yeah.
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piercings? and why not you ask? [26 Aug 2003|10:43pm]
[ mood | slow ]

i ask my mom today if i could possibly pierce my eyebrow/tounge/lip, and she gave me a funny look, and started off. she said "Isabel, i'm trying to be 16 again and i can't do that if i spend all my money making you happy, i have to buy my fancy french designer sunglasses even though my french accent is atrocious, and blah blah blah i don't love you yada yada don't you think that money could be better spent on buying exspensive clothing for myself?" well, she didn't say that exactly, but that was the jist of it.
however, i did manage to convince her that i am in dire need of a haircut, so thursday i shall be making a journey to the stylist or whatever you like to call it.

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new layout [26 Aug 2003|08:17pm]
for the new layout, i was thinking a "content extravaganza" type thing. any suggestions? i'm tired and not in the mood to stretch my brain.
so far all i got is :the adventures of elmo and susie as the layout topic.
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camping=DANGER [26 Aug 2003|04:29pm]
[ mood | tireddd ]

thank god, the camping conspiracy is over. my sister is ok, but it looks like she was in a bad slasher movie? or she got in a fight with a feral squirrel. i don't know.
the lesson of this story is: don't go camping. please.

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[24 Aug 2003|02:16pm]
[ mood | awake ]

whoa this is mest up. i'm at the hospital right now, and there was a computer and i'm bored so yeah
anyway something happened to my sister, she fell down a hill and hit a tree or something like that and my parents took me to the hospital with them for some reason. there's going to be catscans and shit and i'm going to be here for another 2 or 3 hours. but i'm worried because my sister's neck is all cut up and she was having trouble breathing and it's not good

this is why i hate camping.

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vaction [20 Aug 2003|09:57pm]
[ mood | tired ]

heyy i'm going away for about 4 days. so, no posts until then. sry guys. leave me messages. as many as you want.

psst..working on a hot new layout for radio-voice.org. you'll see it when i get back.

{edit} i'm looking for hostees for the domain. email

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[20 Aug 2003|07:16pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

went to the mall today. i got cursive -the ugly organ.
it's all good.

agh i have to finish all that stupid summer homework. and i found out today that school starts at 8:05, not 8:30. i wake up at 8:05. they're going to have to attach electric shocks to my head to wake me up before that.

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[19 Aug 2003|07:35pm]
[ mood | happyy ]

yesss my package came!
it's the coolest. the hoodie is a little too big, but i don't care. i'm so excited now. they sent me a neat sticker and a thank you note. it's not exactly a formal thank you note...i'll have to try and scan it. my scanner's being a bitch so i don't know when that'll happen. the notes signed by andy and i think it's the andy from now its overhead. which is too cool.

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camping trip [19 Aug 2003|11:22am]
[ mood | whateved ]

this is not cool. mynparents just announced that the whole family is going camping on Thursay. i hate camping. well, no i don't, but i hate going camping with my family. it's depressing. it takes 5 hours to get to the campground, which is never fun, and then 7 days in mosquito mating land.
And you know what the worst part is? i was in ireland for 3 weeks, boston for a week and two days, and now i'm going to have to spend another week camping. That means that i only got about 2 weeks to do 2 months of summer projects, see my friends, go school shopping, and hang around town.
i can't believe they're doing this to me. the only person i saw this summer was victoria, and that was because my parents had nothing planned for those few hours
but, the good news is that my saddle-creek cursive shirt and hoodie should be here today. SCORE!

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which shoes? [18 Aug 2003|05:10pm]
[ mood | neat ]

i'm getting a pair of converse for school. rather than get a normal red or black pair, i found these, and i think they're hella tight

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school=hell [18 Aug 2003|01:14pm]
[ mood | paniked ]

i'm am going to have an anurism or something. i cannot go back to school. ever. it's going to suck so badddd. i can already tell. and out of intense panic i wrote a list

1. i am going to have stupid teachers
2. i am going to have major homework
3. i'm actually going to have to do my homework this year
4. i had cool teachers who didn't make us work last year so i'm lazy now
5. the only kid in my class who i know is the kid who is constantly touching himself
6. school sucks in general
7. i have to take the bus home, which is always filled with ghettoesque people, and i can't make fun of them or they will beat me senseless
8. i live in a boring place with boring people

i have to come up with an exscuse of some kind... maybe i'll get mono or something. or get sent to jail...

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